Young-Plant nursery Globe Plant

Komkommerplant in steenwolpot op hand, Plantenkwekerij Globe Plant

Globe Plant is specialized in durable and hygienic growing of top-quality vegetable plants.

Next to growing vegetable plants we also grow cut flower young plants for professional growing companies, and flowering potted plants retail.

All our products are grown sustainable with geothermal energy.


Holland is our main market. We also have clients in Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland. In Switzerland we work with Granoplant. And in Germany we do business with Volmary.

Johan, Vera & Paul Grootscholten
Family business: Globe Plant is a modern family business of 53.000 m2 situated in Vierpolders, Zuid-Holland. We have 25 regular employees, 35 grafting-ladies, and during high season 25-50 temporary workers. Brothers and sister; Johan, Paul and Vera Grootscholten, the Executive Board.