Boortoren aardwarmte, voor duurzaam opkwekenWe are the first young-plant nursery in The Netherlands that grows with sustainable energy. Since 2016 we use geothermal energy for the whole company. Geothermal energy is a sustainable, inexhaustible energy source, that doesn’t pollute or is no burden to the environment.

Globe Plant is a founding-partner of Geo-Well and the Geothermal-project in Vierpolders.

Sustainable crop-protection

We apply integrated crop-protection; when possible we only use natural enemies against diseases and pests. All windows are wire-netted to lower the infection-pressure from the outside and so we can reduce crop-protection. We do everything within our power to keep the young-plants healthy and clean.

Globe Plant is MPS-A and also Global Gap (PPM) certified, this guarantees food safety and sustainability.

Sustainable employee-policy

Globe Plant brings in sustainability for its employees. Examples? We offer sheltered people a job. The employees of the grafting-area determine their own working-hours. Sustainable employee-policy pays off. A lot of our employees are working here for a long period of time, what brings Globe Plant a wealth of knowledge and reliability.

Paul Grootscholten, streeft naar zo duurzaam mogelijk opkwekenPaul Grootscholten, Financial & Technical Manager: “Geothermal energy is relatively new in the Netherlands. It is a sustainable and ecological alternative to fossil energy. Now that we are using geothermal energy we deprive 90% less gas, and have a reduction of 20% CO2 emission.”