Boortoren aardwarmte, voor duurzaam opkwekenWe are the first young-plant nursery in The Netherlands that grows with sustainable energy. Since 2016 we use geothermal energy for the whole company. Geothermal energy is a sustainable, inexhaustible energy source, that doesn’t pollute or is no burden to the environment.

Globe Plant is a founding-partner of Geo-Well and the Geothermal-project in Vierpolders.

Sustainable crop-protection

We apply integrated crop-protection; when possible we only use natural enemies against diseases and pests. Globe Plant grows resilient plants; prevent better than cure. During the cultivation we ensure the right conditions, such as: soil life, structure, and content, water, light and temperature. The plants are grown healthily both above and below ground.
All windows are wire-netted to lower the infection-pressure from the outside and so we can reduce crop-protection. We do everything within our power to keep the young-plants healthy and clean.

Globe Plant is MPS-A and also Global Gap GRASP certified, this guarantees food safety and sustainability.

Sustainable employee-policy

Globe Plant brings in sustainability for its employees. Examples? We offer sheltered people a job. The employees of the grafting-area determine their own working-hours. Sustainable employee-policy pays off. A lot of our employees are working here for a long period of time, what brings Globe Plant a wealth of knowledge and reliability.

Our contribution to a cleaner environment

  • During transport, we use reusable kegs to relieve the environment. These are washed again on return, to keep the contamination pressure as low as possible, so that we have to fight as little as possible against diseases and viruses.
  • We consciously supply our potted plants without a plastic cover, it’s better for the environment and our plants are so strong, they don’t need it!
  • We use rain water to flush the toilets.
  • And we continue to be more sustainable where possible …
Paul Grootscholten, streeft naar zo duurzaam mogelijk opkwekenPaul Grootscholten, Financial & Technical Manager: “Geothermal energy is relatively new in the Netherlands. It is a sustainable and ecological alternative to fossil energy. Now that we are using geothermal energy we deprive 90% less gas, and have a reduction of 20% CO2 emission.”