Hygiene Protocol

Schoen op ontsmettingstoestel, onderdeel hygiëne protocol

The perfect start for your crop, begins with guaranteed healthy young-plants. Globe Plant grows your plants abject hygienic, according to strict protocols.

Strict protocols

Our quality-management-system, working-methods and information facilities are very strict.

In practice this means to us:

  • Divided product-streams (dirty and clean don’t cross);
  • Daily clean working-clothes for employees and visitors;
  • Disinfection-gates for hands and shoes;
  • Thoroughly disinfection of materials, of grafting-knives to fust and means of transport;
  • Education and training of employees;

Thijs vd Westelaken

Thijs vd Westelaken, Cropmanager: “Growing and managing to a beautiful plant according to special customer wish is my passion. I also monitor the achievement of our hygiene protocol, so the customer gets delivered a healthy plant.”